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Russ & Daughters Exclusive: Wild Baltic Smoked Salmon

March 9th, 2012 · 1:55 pm - russanddaughters

Russ & Daughters' Double Smoked Danish Salmon

Russ & Daughters' Wild Baltic Smoked Salmon

For a limited time, food lovers will have the special chance to try a smoked salmon unlike any other; the newest catch of Russ & Daughters’ Wild Baltic Smoked Salmon is finally here. (Devoted fans have been calling for months, waiting for the season to begin.) This rare gastronomic experience is available for a limited time only, so stop by the shop soon, or call us at 212-475-4880 to place an order, before it’s too late.

Prepare to be wowed by its elegant smoke, velvety texture, and champagne color. This salmon feeds on herring, a protein-rich diet that contributes to its lean, healthy body and signature hue, and that also provides an added bonus: an extra dose of Omega-3s. Wild Baltic Smoked Salmon is so rich and delicate that the Russ family likes it best accompanied by nothing other than a little bit of fresh black pepper.

Russ & Daughters is the exclusive importer of this salmon, from a small multi-generational artisanal smokehouse on the Bornholm coast of Denmark.

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