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June 3rd, 2011 · 2:33 pm - Jen Snow

Join us for the traditional first taste of the famed New Catch Holland Herring – ”Hollandse Nieuwe” – at the Russ & Daughters counter starting June 7. Enjoy the herring on the spot, pick some up to take them home, or have Russ & Daughters deliver to your door, throughout New York City and nationwide. Then, on June 28, celebrate the New Catch and the wonders of all types of herring at our annual extravaganza: The Russ & Daughters Herring Pairing – an evening of inspired eating and drinking pairings that Oliver Sacks described in The New Yorker as a special, joyous feast.


The New Catch Holland Herring is a piece of gastronomic heaven, a fabulous buttery and mild matjes (young) herring unlike any other, due to its exceptionally high and healthy omega-3 fat content. Traditionally, the New Catch Holland Herring is eaten by holding the whole herring by the tail and dropping it into your mouth. Visitors to Russ & Daughters are likely to see aficionados partaking of this food ritual right at the counter, starting on June 7. Many compare its buttery texture and delicate flavor to the finest sashimi. Once a year, the herring in the North Sea reach their optimal condition during a 4-5 week season. In Holland, the start of this season is a national holiday. The first barrel of herring into port is auctioned off for charity, commanding a price upwards of $85,000. After that, these prized delicacies hit the market as the famed ”Hollandse Nieuwe” – ”New Catch Holland Herring.” Russ & Daughters is a direct importer, and receives herring from the first delivery of this New Catch to New York, and then continuously throughout the year.

New Catch Holland Herring can be purchased at Russ & Daughters individually for $4.49 per herring, or ten herring for $39.95. Each herring is two fillets attached at the tail. For those who want to savor New Catch Holland Herring at home or outside of New York City, the herring can be ordered in the shop, over the phone (212.475.4880), or on our website (www.russanddaughters.com). Russ & Daughters delivers the New Catch Holland Herring by courier in New York City and ships them nationwide.

Russ & Daughters urges customers to place orders to guarantee that they can partake of this ephemeral gastronomic experience. There is a minimum of one ten-pack for advance orders. The New Catch Holland Herring will be available at Russ & Daughters for the duration of their prized, yet limited, season.


At Russ & Daughters, the New Catch season is also a time of celebration. On June 28th, we’ll celebrate the New Catch and the wonders of herring at the Russ & Daughters Herring Pairing. Join us for an evening filled with a dizzying and delectable array of Russ & Daughters herring preparations, each one masterfully paired with spirits by the experts at Astor Center. In addition, we’ve invited a guest chef to come up with an innovative herring dish for the event. Russ & Daughters is delighted to announce that this year’s guest chef will be April Bloomfield, Executive Chef/Co-Owner of The Spotted Pig, The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, and The John Dory Oyster Bar. We are excited to see what this critically acclaimed chef, considered one of the best in the country, will do with our herring.

Last year’s event, which sold out quickly, featured guest chef Wylie Dusfresne from wd~50 (with Chef de Cuisine Jon Bignelli, pictured above), downtown music legend John Zorn, and a talk by Mark Russ Federman.

Tickets for the Russ & Daughters Herring Pairing are available now, and are moving fast. Tickets can be purchased at Russ & Daughters (179 East Houston Street, NY NY 10002), by calling Russ & Daughters (212-475-4880), and online at Astor Center.

The Russ & Daughters Herring Pairing
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

At Astor Center (399 Lafayette Street immediately north of East 4th Street, NY, NY 10003)
Tickets: $75. Tickets can be purchased at Russ & Daughters (179 East Houston Street, NY NY 10002), by calling Russ & Daughters at 212-475-4880, and online http://www.astorcenternyc.com/class-the-russ-daughters-herring-pairing.ac

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