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Yiddish Lesson: Ongepotchket

December 2nd, 2008 · 2:59 pm - LoxPopuli

An astute customer, Ann Berrol wrote to kvetch about our Yiddishisms page, “It pains me to note that you have left out ongepaotchket, which means too fancy or ornate, fussy, overdressed, overdone.”

Ann even provided some colorful examples of usage. “Your mother-in-law’s Rosh Hashana outfit was so ongepatchket, she looked like the gift-wrap section at Target!” she says. “Russ and Daughter’s Gaspe salmon is so good, why get all ongepatchket? You could serve it plain, it would still be delish,” Ann added.

Another of our favorite Yiddish words is “potchkeh,” which Leo Rosten describes in the seminal The Joys of Yiddish as: “To fuss or ‘mess around’ inefficiently and inexpertly.” The examples he gives:

“I spent all day in the kitchen potchkeeing around.”

“When you potchkeh arount, your work is ongepotchket.”

- Jen Snow

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